Farmers Markets, or Online?

The weekend is coming soon, and you know what that means: Farmers Markets! Many people often ask me: Online, or offline?  Which do you prefer? There are many reasons for each.  Let’s have a look

The scene vs the quiet:

There’s something about a farmers market that is quite awe inspiring. The fresh food and produce. Positive people. The sound of nature and also getting to know your local small business owners. You get to hear their story, so different from larger corporations. 

On the other end, there is peace of mind in ordering online, there’s no long lines or queues to wait for, and you get the same fresh produce (not left overs or old stock). Food is something you can appreciate by yourself, but enjoy in a crowd.

The Prices: 

One of the good things of going to a farmers market and online is that your prices are relatively identical. Although you could save on shipping by coming to a farmers market directly, we also provide discount codes and value bundles online to help customers get an equal benefit. Our L’artisan Box is a really good example for those that may be first time to enjoy our production line or even for experienced connoisseurs to have a full experience with their taste buds. 

The Support:

In a farmers market, we get a lot of support from our loving customers. Whether it’s supporting local business, or even telling their friends about our beautiful produce. L’artisan is so established largely due to the word of mouth and reputation we have built over the times. However, there’s only so much you can do to support us before it feels like overkill. 

Online, there’s also a lot of ways to support us that don’t take a lot of time at all. We have social media that can be followed and liked. You can even leave a review, to help others see what type of service we provide. Although it hasn’t been easy to learn how to operate online, it’s the support we’re given that allows L’artisan to really thrive in today's climate and keep our customers happy.

L'artisan facebook review

And if you wanted to leave a review, please don’t go without a discount code for your troubles. It’s the least we could do! 

So, my answer is: Both! I love both a good and vibrant farmers market, and also striving to provide peak service online too. It’s all about a balance. What do you think? 

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