Our interesting take on Tomatoes

Mmm, Smoked Tomatoes! If you’ve come to our farmers markets, you may notice these gems at the front of our stall (or sold out)! We even have a 1kg tub for our biggest fans.

So, what makes our Smoked Tomatoes such a family favourite? 

1.) They’re so versatile

Thinking of avo on toast? Throw on some smoked tomatoes, feta and take it to another level. They work perfectly in a salad, and pastas.  Now the best to come. Make a coarse paste with green olives, smoked tomatoes, rosemary and garlic. Put the paste inside a lamb shoulder trussed and cooked at 85 dg for 10 to 12 hours…. fantastic. Always keep the oil to make salad dressings.

2.) Locally sourced

Our tomatoes are from @Ross Tomatoes Victoria.

3.)Authentic Made

Oven dried with Rosemary, Garlic, Thyme and smoked in hickory the next day. Voila! 

Don’t be shy; these are tomatoes you won’t forget! Find out more at L'Artisan: Melbourne's Best Pate.

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